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Bartfields are AVN members in Leeds but what does it mean?

Bartfields is proud to have been selected as a founder member of AVN, one of the UK’s best-recognised associations of accountants. AVN provides us with a unique set of tools, resources, training and support that enable our firm to deliver the services and products you might expect from a top 100 accountancy firm – without paying the fees those firms require.

In addition, the AVN philosophy, to which we fully subscribe, means that you get the benefit of:

  • Guaranteed partner access. If you want to speak to one of our partners you can do so at any time without incurring additional charges. In fact, we encourage you to talk to our partners about your business, your ambitions and your goals as well as the challenges and problems that inevitably arise. By listening and understanding your position, we’ll be in a far better position to offer you the help and guidance you need.
  • Our ‘No Surprise’ Fixed Fee Policy. Thanks to our AVN-inspired fee policy, you’ll never receive a bill you didn’t expect. Everything is agreed in advance and we have a range of payment options, including credit card and standing order which are designed to help your cashflow.
  • Proactive advice and support whenever you need it. You don’t have to wait for the annual accounts for us to appear. We’re continually monitoring the business climate generally and your specific industry sector for anything that might impact your business. Even before you realise you need help, we’ll be there at your side with the right tactics and strategies to make a real difference!

You benefit from our membership

Thanks to AVN’s ever-expanding armoury of tools, reports, software and analytics, we are able to tap into the very latest thinking across a broad spectrum of disciplines ranging from marketing, advanced tax strategies, VAT, wealth creation and management. And that means you benefit very directly from all these added-value services at no extra cost whatsoever.

The AVN ethos means that we are committed to changing the way our clients work. It’s our aim, with the help of all the resources available to us via AVN, that you will enjoy more success, see your business grow and achieve greater profitability than before.

Above all, we want to help you:

  • Create sustainable growth – so your turnover and profits build year on year.
  • Develop a thriving business – that’s a joy to work in, so you really look forward to Monday mornings.
  • Increase profitability – so you get more return on your effort.
  • Build a happy, effective team – so that recruiting and keeping great people is easy.
  • Balance working life with your personal life – so that you, your family and your friends all benefit.
  • Create a business that someone wants to buy – so when the time comes, you get the best possible return on all your hard work.

View just a few of the powerful AVN services available

Free Business Builder Review (worth £500).

The 2-3 hour Business Builder Review is designed to help you start turning your business dreams into reality. It does that by focusing on a small but powerful selection of the tools from our full 102-step Business Edge programme. And just like that full programme, it is based on a highly structured and super-intensive process that has been specifically designed to help you start probing for, identifying and creating breakthrough strategies for supercharging your sales, profits and prospects. Contact us now to claim your free Business Builder Review.

Remuneration Planning

Your key people (and that includes you) are extremely important to the success of your business; it is therefore essential that everyone is kept highly motivated.

Bonuses and dividends are the traditional way of rewarding key people. But now there are other alternatives that can lead to far higher levels of motivation and productivity – and which, at the same time, can also be more tax efficient. With this new software tool we can compare over 4,000,000 scenarios of remuneration planning options to identify the one that is best for you and your people.

On-Track Review

We produce this comprehensive report annually as part of all our fixed price packages. It details all the aspects we feel you need to consider, not just for your business but for your personal finances as well. After all, they are inextricably linked. The review also pinpoints great ideas for tax savings, efficiency savings and performance improvement.

Incorporation Planning

Have you ever wondered whether it was worth converting your business to a limited company and whether that’s the right move for you? There are many ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ to consider in incorporating your business and this service gives the full financial benefits of incorporating in a clear, concise and easy to read report.

Virtual Finance Director

Have you ever felt the need to appoint a finance director, but can’t afford it or find the right person? Our Virtual FD package fills that gap and provides that additional input needed to structure and guide your company on financial matters.

“Simple Stuff That Works”

This programme is a small part of our Goal Getter service which focuses on the simple things that can be done to help drive your business to where you want it to be. Producing reports, statistics and action plans, it helps you find the ‘quick wins’ for your business. If you don’t have the time needed to commit to our full Goal Getter programme, then this is the next best thing.

Goal Getter

Our specialist ‘Goal Getter’ consulting service is an intense programme which drills down into your goals and desires to find out what really matters to you. This then forms the basis of building a bespoke structured plan to help turn your dreams into reality.

AVN means More!

As you can see, AVN membership provides us with a whole range of tools and resources which make it easier to help you and your business to achieve more growth, more profit and more success.

To find out how you can benefit from all these excellent tools and resources as part of the services we provide, please call us on 0113 244 9051 or click here to arrange a no-obligation FREE Confidential On-Track Performance Report.