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Bartfields Chartered Accountants in Leeds

A Modern Accountancy Firm with Values

When it comes to assessing firms of accountants and deciding which one you’d like to use, we believe that for most business owners it’s not just a question of price, but also a question of standards, ethics and, above all, values. After all, you want to deal with people you like and trust, not just people who offer the cheapest price!

Of course, as Chartered Accountants we are obliged to demonstrate the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical behaviour to safeguard public trust in financial reporting and business practices.

But at Bartfields we go much further than that! In our experience, when clients come to us, they are looking for someone they can work with and trust – not simply an accountant. How about you?

  • When you need to talk over a problem, do you want to be able to chat without fear that the clock is ticking?
  • Do you want useful information and guidance given freely as a matter of course?
  • Above all, do you want to feel your accountants are there to help you improve your business results; pay the right amount of tax – and not a penny more – and increase and protect your personal wealth?

In other words, are you looking for a business ally you can depend upon? Someone whose experience and advice you can trust?

The following may help you decide whether we are the right firm for you. Our Values Statement is as follows:

Bartfields stands for:

  • Commitment and Dedication to our clients’ success
  • Honesty and Integrity in all our dealings with clients, HMRC and other government or regulatory bodies
  • Enthusiasm and a Positive Attitude at all times
  • Clarity in communication including jargon-free reporting
  • A profit-focused Entrepreneurial Spirit that reflects our clients’ approach to business
  • Independence and Objectivity in producing reports and information

That’s our commitment to you as a client. We think it says a lot about the sort of people we are and the type of clients we like to deal with. Of course, we also abide by the ethical guidelines of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales and are AVN Mastery graduates.

Why we can sleep at night…

By maintaining these values we sleep soundly at night, knowing we are delivering professional and efficient services to you, and ensuring you always meet your statutory obligations.

…and why we get up in the morning

We don’t just want to measure your numbers… we are here to help you actively change them. By maintaining regular meaningful contact with you, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of your business and offer solutions to your business problems which add measurable value.

It’s our aim – always – to exceed your expectations and become an indispensable part of your team!