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    We'll make sure you pay the right amount of tax - and not a penny more.

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“Stress-proof Your Business and Your Life”

Owning and running a business can be incredibly stressful. So Bartfields have decided to do something about it by publishing a book called “Stress-proof Your Business and Your Life”.

You can find it on Amazon at £12.99 – but you are welcome to a copy with our compliments.

Please don’t be put off by its title, since it is categorically not only for people who are stressed. In fact, one of the key benefits from reading it is that you’ll get dozens of excellent ideas for putting a great deal of extra cash into your business and personal bank accounts.

There are four parts to the book

Part 1. Stress proofing the business stuff: Looks at what you can do to reduce and prevent the stress caused by your business and its financial situation. It provides simple yet effective solutions to common challenges such as:

  • Not making enough profit
  • Running out of cash and other similar cashflow problems
  • Being forced to work more than you want to
  • Having too many things on your to-do list
  • Too much depending on you, and too many things that can only be done by you
  • Not getting the right life-work balance
  • Not having the information you need to make sensible decisions
  • Losing too much of what you earn to the taxman
  • Other people, especially customers and your employees, behaving unreasonably or unfairly

Part 2. Stress proofing the money stuff: Looks at what you can do to reduce and prevent the stress caused by your personal financial situation.

In these first two parts much of the emphasis is on strengthening the financial and business fundamentals – since they are so often the primary sources of stress and anxiety for business owners and managers. But strengthening them is also extremely worthwhile for everyone in business, even if you aren’t suffering from stress.

Part 3. Stress proofing the personal stuff: Broadens the discussion by explaining how to reduce and prevent the stress caused by the other things going on in your life.

Finally, Part 4 brings it all together into a practical action plan.

Get your free copy by signing up here